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At The Overland Truck Store & Garage, we have the perfect suspension lifting solution for your build— we offer quality parts from Old Man Emu, Ironman 4x4, ARB and more to make sure you get a lift on your build that improves your ride quality, handling, durability and looks good doing it!

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Our most popular lift to get you the stance, look, and performance you're looking for is a medium duty, 2.5-3" lift featuring parts from Old Man Emu & ARB.  In one day at the garage we can lift your '05-present Toyota Tacoma from factory fine to overlanding bliss with the following:


Add Installation of this kit at The Overland Truck Store and Garage for less than $900! 
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Why Lift Your Build?

Higher Ground Clearance, Better Off-Road Performance & The Look You Want

Lifting your vehicle allows for larger tires and better ground clearance. From the factory most trucks, including the Tacoma, typically have a rake in the suspension. This means the front end of the truck sits lower than the rear. Lifting your Tacoma, 4Runner or other overland vehicle is integral to performing well during off-roading adventures. Keep in mind, the milder the lift, the easier the installation, also be sure to keep in mind the tire size you want for your build when deciding on a lift height.

What tires can be fitted to what size lift? For each vehicle this changes.

For Toyota Tacoma’s '05 to present, lift kit and tire fitment is as follows.

  • 1-2”Lift: 31x10.5 Max
  • 3-4” Lift: 33x12.50 Max
  • 6” Lift: 35x12.50 Max

For 5th Gen Toyota 4-Runner's the largest tire you can fit without any modifications to panels, fender liners, and mud-flaps is 275/70/17. The largest tires you can fit with a small modification to the front fender liner is a 33-inch (285/70/17)

When you make the jump up to a 33″ tire, you will require a leveling kit or a lift kit. With a leveling or lift kit, a BMC or relocation of fender liners will not be necessary. There will be no need for wheel spacers with a 3” lift either, assuming you are running stock rims with limited backspacing. There is light scrub in reverse at full lock, however, that can be easily rectified.

The FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser (1960 – 1984) is a CLASSIC overlanding vehicle, and one we love to see come into the Garage! So what about tires and lift heights for these?

It’s crazy how we’ve gone full circle with FJ40 builds; from mild-learning-curves of yester-year to V8 transplanted chopped-tub rock crawlers on 40’s with a full-circle back to restoring 40-Series Land Cruisers back to their original show-room stock luster. That makes for a lot of different configurations of lifts and tires and we'd be happy to explore with you to find the best fit for your FJ40.

My Overlanding Vehicle Isn't Listed Here, Where Can I Find More Information About Lift Height and Max Tire Size?

We've got this handy list right here to help you understand what is possible with lifting your overland vehicle and what tires will work but we're here to get you the right lift, with the right tires and wheels, customized for your build so contact us today to get started. 


Want To Lift Your 4Runner, Jeep, or other overlanding build? We've Got The Perfect Solution For That Too

Every customer and every build at the Overland Truck Store & Garage is unique and it's important to us to give you the service and solution you're looking for to get you on the trail in your dream build. Contact us today to get started.