Long Travel Installation

Why Get Long Travel Suspension?

Long travel suspension will undoubtedly outperform mid travel in rough terrain such as fast desert trails and situations where more articulation is required. There are several performance advantages of a long travel kit when compared to a mid travel kit. The increased track width provides means the vehicle has a wider stance, therefore giving it more stability overall. With the wheels sitting further out, there’s more room to articulate the suspension up and down without interfering with components such as the firewall and frame. Often times, long travel systems will provide more steering angle as well. The components in long travel kits replace most of the OEM suspension with much heavier duty counterparts, such as steel uniballs and polyurethane bushings.

What Are The Basic Components Of A Long Travel Kit?

The basic components of a long travel kit are  extended-length UCA’s, extended-length LCA’s, extended-length steering tie rods, extended-length CV axle shafts, extended-length brake lines, aftermarket bump stops or bump stop extensions, limiting straps, and a kit-specific aftermarket coilover shock. Typically, long travel suspension systems do away with the typical upper and lower ball joints for stronger steel uniballs, and have other options such as secondary bypass shocks for extra tunability and more damping performance. Some manufacturers will also include a stronger spindle in their long travel kits as well.


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