ARB Old Man Emu 2-Inch Medium Load Suspension Lift Kit 16-22 Toyota Tacoma



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Enhances Road and Trail Performance. Give your Tacoma the capability to take on more aggressive off-road trails without compromising its on-road ride quality with the Old Man Emu 2-Inch Medium Load Suspension Lift Kit. This medium load suspension lift kit is engineered to provide 2+ inches of overall lift for Tacomas that do not regularly haul heavy loads. What's more, this lift kit includes components designed to keep your ride quality virtually like factory levels so can continue using your truck as a daily driver.

Advanced Nitrocharger Sport Front Struts. This suspension lift kit replaces your factory struts with the Nitrocharger Sport front struts. These struts use a nitrogen gas-charged design with tunable dual-stack deflective discs to give you a faster damping response and a more accurate handling feel. What's more, these struts are engineered to work the included lifted springs, helping maintain factory-ride quality and handling control.

Premium Nitrocharger Sport Rear Shock Absorbers. To match its new handling feel upfront, this suspension lift kit includes a pair of premium Nitrocharger Sport rear shock absorbers. Just like the struts, these shocks utilize a twin-tube nitrogen gas charged to design and tunable dual-stack deflective discs to deliver exceptional handling control and responsive damping. What's more, these rear shocks are built to last using thick-walled tubular steel bodies and chrome-hardened piston rods equipped with durable plastic dust boots.

Hardwearing Front Coil Springs. This suspension lift kit provides its front lift courtesy of lifted coil springs. These coil springs are tuned specifically for your truck to provide excellent off-road performance that doesn't compromise ride quality. Additionally, these springs are machine-formed from high-quality spring steel and are finished in a protective black powder-coating for long service life.

High Strength Rear Leaf Springs. For the rear lift, this kit utilizes a pair of lifted leaf springs. These leaf springs are precision-cut and machine-formed from premium steel before undergoing a specialized hardening process for consistent performance. These springs are then finished in the same black powder coating as the coils for exceptional corrosion protection.

Installation. This suspension lift kit's individual components are designed to install in factory locations on your truck. That said, installation may require the use of a strut compressor which can be hazardous if used improperly. You will also need a complete set of mechanics tools and advanced mechanical skills to make installation more efficient. As such, professional installation is recommended.

Application. The Old Man Emu 2-Inch Medium Load Suspension Lift Kit fits all 2005-2022 Toyota Tacoma models.


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